Park MGM Las Vegas

WrestleMania 41 – Park MGM Las Vegas | Luxury Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip

The WrestleTours family are thrilled to unveil the hotel included with our WrestleMania 41 standard packages. We will be staying in one of the top rated hotels on the Las Vegas Strip!

Did you know the Las Vegas Strip boasts over 150,000 hotel rooms? Among them is the Park MGM Las Vegas, known for its top-notch service. This hotel shows a beautiful mix of comfort and luxury, inviting guests to an unforgettable stay.

When you step inside, you find a new level of luxury in Las Vegas. The Park MGM offers rooms like the King and Queen that showcase modern style and classic elegance.

Every room features oak hardwood floors for a warm feel. A nightly turn-down service adds a touch of luxury to your sleep. With plush bedding and a stocked minibar, we ensure your stay is all about comfort and relaxation.

Key Takeaways

  • Park MGM Las Vegas is an opulent oasis nestled on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip, representing the pinnacle of luxury from the renowned MGM Resorts.
  • With both modern and classic design elements, the Park MGM King and Queen rooms offer spacious 406 sq. ft. sanctuaries for discerning guests.
  • The Stay Well rooms are tailored for health-conscious travelers, providing features that promote rest and recovery.
  • Oak hardwood floors, nightly turn-down services, and gourmet mini-bars serve as hallmarks of the sophisticated accommodations at Park MGM Las Vegas.

Welcome to Park MGM Las Vegas

Welcome to the lively Las Vegas Strip, where Park MGM Las Vegas stands out as a top pick for luxury and personal service. Ranked third on Trip Advisor, this boutique hotel is highly regarded. Their commitment to excellent service and making guests happy shines through.

Discovering the Third Highest Ranked Hotel on Trip Advisor

At Park MGM, you’ll find a cozy ambience and careful touches that make your stay special. They love offering a unique experience to each guest. If you’re here to relax or have fun, their team is ready to make your visit unforgettable.

The Official Hotel for WrestleMania 41 Travel Packages by WrestleTours

We’re excited to share that Park MGM Las Vegas is the top choice for WrestleMania 41 packages by WrestleTours. Staying here puts you right at the heart of the action. Enjoy luxury and excitement in perfect balance. Every second of your stay will be thrilling and comfortable.

Discover the amazing Wrestlemania Travel Packages with WrestleTours. Park MGM, perfectly located on the Las Vegas Strip, offers easy access to the best events, dining, and entertainment.

Package FeatureBenefits
LocationDirect access to Las Vegas Strip events
Luxury AccommodationPremium rooms and exclusive services
Event AccessGuaranteed tickets to WrestleMania 41
Extra PerksSpecial guest experiences and meet-and-greets

Get ready for an unforgettable time at WrestleMania. Or, enjoy the luxury of a leading boutique hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Park MGM Las Vegas guarantees moments of luxury and joy. Come and be part of the excitement and splendor firsthand!

Luxury Accommodations at Park MGM

Park MGM is right in the heart of Las Vegas. It’s perfect for those who love luxury and want easy access to Las Vegas attractions. We bring together the lively nightlife of Las Vegas and the calm of our suites. Every moment of your stay is filled with top-notch fine dining and exclusive luxury.

In addition to to their lavish rooms, guests instantly get access to an array of dining and entertainment options. This adds a special touch to their stay at Park MGM.

Whether you’re discovering lively Las Vegas attractions or enjoying their cozy suites, they aim to make your visit unforgettable. Park MGM Las Vegas mixes comfort, style, and convenience in one grand experience.

Dining Experiences at Park MGM

Park MGM, excels in offering top-notch dining experiences. Their range of venues, including Eataly, Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar, and Primrose, serve as the perfect spots for any meal. Each spot delivers a unique culinary journey, from Italy to America and back to France.

Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar: A Culinary Delight

Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar is all about luxury dining. It marries delicious steak with creative cocktails and an impressive wine selection. This elegant place isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an unforgettable fine dining experience.

Primrose: French-Inspired Cuisine for the Soul

Primrose whisks you away on a French culinary journey. It highlights fresh, seasonal ingredients in every dish. The setting feels like a quaint spot in Southern France, with meals and drinks that are both beautiful and tasty.

Eataly: The Italian Marketplace

Eataly is the place to be for lively, family-friendly dining. This Italian marketplace is known for its vibrant atmosphere and fresh-made specialties. It’s the perfect escape to Italy on the Las Vegas Strip.

Dining Experiences at Park MGM

Park MGM carefully designs each dining spot’s theme and menu to delight all visitors. It’s ideal for any dining occasion, be it with someone special, the family, or friends. Our dining experiences promise more than just great food; they offer moments to cherish on the Las Vegas Strip.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Park MGM Las Vegas are known for their top-notch entertainment. They offer everything from exciting live shows to high-stakes gaming. Their resort on the Las Vegas Strip is a place where unforgettable memories are made. Enjoy every moment in the vibrant atmosphere.

Dolby Live at Park MGM: A Venue for Top Music Artists

Dolby Live at Park MGM is the heart of live entertainment. Here, world-famous music artists perform, drawing in huge crowds to our 5,200-seat venue. Their auditorium is designed for outstanding sound, making every show remarkable. This helps them stand out as a key spot for entertainment on the Las Vegas Strip.

Thrilling Casino Action

Are you ready for casino thrills? Park MGM Las Vegas welcomes you to their grand casino floor. They have a wide variety of classic and modern games, including slots, table games, and a sportsbook at the BetMGM Sportsbook & Bar. The Park MGM casino is the perfect place for beginners and experts. It offers a glamorous setting to test your luck and have fun, right in Las Vegas’s lively center.

Amenities That Rejuvenate

At MGM Resorts, they’re devoted to luxury stays that boost your health and calm your mind. The Park MGM Las Vegas is home to Stay Well rooms and a top-of-the-line spa and wellness centre. They aim to refresh your senses and improve your well-being, both physically and mentally.

Stay Well Rooms: Enhancing Your Health While You Travel

Traveling can be hard on your body, which is why their Stay Well rooms focus on health. They have top-notch air purification and shower systems. This mix of luxury accommodation and health tech ensures you can keep well even away from home.

Relax and Unwind: Spa and Wellness Offerings

Park MGM Las Vegas’s spa and wellness centre is like a secret escape in the city. It offers everything from relaxing massages to beauty treatments. No matter if you’re winding down or gearing up, their spa has something perfect for you.

Staying healthy while traveling is important. That’s why the fitness center is open 24/7 with the latest equipment. It helps you keep up with your exercise routine, even when on the go.

In a nutshell, they focus on more than just providing a luxury stay at Park MGM Las Vegas. The Stay Well rooms and spa and wellness centre are here to make your visit truly rejuvenating. Every part of your experience is carefully crafted to improve your well-being. Park MGM aim for you to depart feeling healthier and happier than when you arrived.

Exclusive Park MGM Las Vegas Offerings

Park MGM Las Vegas stands out as a top Las Vegas hotel and boutique hotel on the Strip. They’re focused on offering both luxury accommodation and a unique guest experience. Located right in the city’s pulse, their oasis mixes high-end comfort with exclusivity from MGM Resorts.

Luxury boutique hotel

In the Park MGM lobby, they greets guests with a stunning tree root sculpture. It’s a unique touch that shows their boutique charm. With a garden-like setting, we invite you to relax in Vegas’ energy.

Park MGM Hotle are proud to cater to individuals and couples, creating special moments for every guest. This commitment sets them apart as a leading Las Vegas hotel. Whether it’s the thrill of the casino or a quiet escape, Park MGM Las Vegas offers it with grace.

The Unique Style of Park MGM Rooms and Suites

At Park MGM Las Vegas, you’ll find luxury that mixes modern ease with classic design. This hotel, owned by MGM Resorts, is known for its unique, luxurious rooms. It stands out as a top boutique hotel in Las Vegas.

Craving Comfort: From Classic Rooms to the Skylark Suite

The Classic King and Classic Two Queen rooms are spacious, each at 406 sq. ft. They have beautiful oak floors and Carrara marble showers. These rooms show how Park MGM Las Vegas combines comfort with style. The Skylark Suite is even bigger, at 900 sq. ft. It has large living areas and a stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip. This ensures every guest has a lavish and comfortable stay.

Modern Amenities and Breathtaking Views

At Park MGM Las Vegas, guests enjoy luxury with all the modern comforts. The bathrooms boast high-end fixtures and guests are treated to elegant turndown service. Every detail is designed to meet the high standards of MGM Resorts.

Every amenity at Park MGM Las Vegas highlights luxurious living. The hotel blends the classic charm of boutique hotels with the features of a top MGM Resorts destination. It’s perfect for quick trips or long stays, making your experience both rewarding and memorable.

Park MGM: Center-Strip Proximity to Las Vegas Attractions

Park MGM is right in the middle of the busy Las Vegas Strip. This makes it perfect for guests who want to see the many exciting places in Las Vegas. Our location makes it easy for you to get to famous sites. It also ensures you have a smooth and convenient stay.

Walking Distance to T-Mobile Arena and Other Landmarks

Are you a fan of sports or concerts? Park MGM is close to the T-Mobile Arena. If you’re here for a hockey game or a concert, it’s just a short walk. This means more time for fun, less time spent getting from place to place.

Seamless Connectivity with Monorail Access

But that’s not all. Park MGM also has great access to the monorail system. This lets you easily go from one bright spot to another on the Strip. So, exploring nightclubs, shows, and restaurants becomes simple and fun.

Choosing Park MGM means staying at a place where the whole town is at your doorstep. With us, you’re at the center of all the excitement, and you can quickly reach every corner of Las Vegas. We aim to offer a deluxe and easy stay, where you enjoy top-notch services and an ideal location.

Unparalleled Poolside Pleasure at Park MGM

Park MGM Las Vegas stands out on the Las Vegas Strip with a pool area that rivals luxurious South of France resorts. It focuses on giving guests top-notch accommodation and service. The oasis at Park MGM aims to immerse visitors in the ultimate poolside pleasure.

South of France Vibes: The Pool Oasis

Walking into Park MGM’s pool area feels like entering a peaceful, stylish sanctuary. The place mixes elegance with modern comforts, offering guests a perfect blend of relaxation and luxury. By carefully placing palm trees and the scent of fresh blooms, it truly brings the Mediterranean feel to Vegas.

Luxury Cabanas and Sunken Sun Loungers

The luxury cabanas and sun loungers at Park MGM are perfect for those who love to pamper themselves at the pool. Equipped with soft cushions and great service, these spots allow for private unwinding or hosting friends without onlookers. They also offer a variety of tasty drinks and snacks for your enjoyment under the sun or in the shade.

Luxury CabanasPrivate, air-conditioned spaces with personalized service, outfitted with modern amenities and luxurious furnishings.
Sunken Sun LoungersEnhanced comfort loungers, positioned below the pool surface level for an enveloping relaxation experience.
Poolside ServiceAttentive service including food and drink from a specially curated pool menu, with options to suit every taste.

Every detail at Park MGM Las Vegas has been planned to make your poolside experience amazing. The area ensures your time near the water is memorable, whether you’re lounging in the sun or enjoying the evening. The oasis at Park MGM is a true piece of paradise in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

Travel Made Easy: Wrestletours and Wrestlemania Travel Packages

At Park MGM Las Vegas, we understand what wrestling and sports fans need. So, we’ve joined with WrestleTours. This partnership offers special WrestleMania travel packages to fans worldwide, making the journey smoother.

Our WrestleMania packages, crafted by WrestleTours, go beyond just a place to stay. They include event tickets, chances to meet stars, and more. Here’s what each package offers in detail:

Package FeaturesStandard PackageVIP Package
AccommodationLuxury Room StaySuite Stay
Event TicketsMain Event AccessMain + Side Events
Exclusive ExperiencesMeet-and-Greet, Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Additional PerksAccess to Fitness CenterSpa Package + Fitness Center

This partnership with WrestleTours aims to offer top-notch entertainment and a smooth travel experience. Visitors can choose between the standard or VIP package. Either way, they’ll have a great time and create unforgettable memories at WrestleMania.


Park MGM Las Vegas is more than a luxury spot on the Strip. It combines fun, peace, and easy living. The rooms are luxurious, the food is top-notch, and everyone finds something they love to do here.

At Park MGM, every small thing is looked after, from the pretty rooms with wooden floors to the relaxing pools. You can choose how you want to enjoy Vegas, whether in calm wellness rooms or in the lively casino. Its great spot lets you easily soak up all of Vegas’s fun and beauty.

Park MGM Las Vegas is a must-visit if you want to dive into Vegas’s glamour and fun. Whether for work or play, this place shines. With MGM Resorts leading the way, it’s all about amazing service, luxury, and a stay you won’t forget at one of Vegas’s most famous hotels.


What types of rooms and suites are available at Park MGM Las Vegas?

Park MGM Las Vegas offers various rooms like Kings, Queens, and Stay Well rooms for a health-focused stay. It also has luxury suites such as the Nighthawk and Nightingale, plus the Skylark Suites. These options provide comfort, style, and a touch of luxury for all guests.

How does Park MGM Las Vegas rank on Trip Advisor?

Park MGM Las Vegas is the third highest-ranked hotel on Trip Advisor. This shows how much they focus on great service and making guests happy.

Does Park MGM Las Vegas offer any travel packages for WrestleMania 41?

Yes, WrestleTours offers the first round of WrestleMania 41 travel packages at Park MGM Las Vegas. They include luxury stays and thrilling wrestling events.

Can guests enjoy fine dining at Park MGM Las Vegas?

Yes, Park MGM is perfect for food lovers. You can enjoy top-quality steaks at Bavette’s, try French delights at Primrose, or visit Eataly for an Italian food market experience.

What entertainment options are available at Park MGM Las Vegas?

There’s always something fun at Park MGM Las Vegas. You can see top artists at Dolby Live, play at the casino, or watch sports at the BetMGM Sportsbook & Bar. It’s a complete resort experience.

What amenities does Park MGM Las Vegas offer for wellness and relaxation?

For a wellness boost, Stay Well rooms offer health-focused features. There’s also a spa, a wellness center for relaxing, and a 24-hour fitness center to keep fit.

What makes Park MGM Las Vegas a unique boutique hotel?

Park MGM stands out with unique decorations like a tree root sculpture. It has a peaceful garden and offers special experiences for individuals and couples.

How do the rooms and suites at Park MGM Las Vegas enhance the guest experience?

Each room and suite at Park MGM is carefully designed. They feature oak floors, Carrara marble showers, and modern amenities. These blend luxury with classic comfort.

What are the benefits of Park MGM’s location on the Las Vegas Strip?

Located on the Strip, Park MGM is near top attractions like the T-Mobile Arena. It’s also easy to move around with the monorail.

What kind of poolside experience can guests expect at Park MGM Las Vegas?

The hotel has a pool area with a South of France design. It includes heated pools, luxury cabanas, and a calm setting near Las Vegas’ excitement.

How can guests book travel packages for WrestleMania events through WheatleTours?

Looking to attend WrestleMania events? Book your travel packages through WrestleTours. They offer a stay at Park MGM for a comfortable and entertaining experience.

WrestleMania 41 – Park MGM Las Vegas | Luxury Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip