WrestleMania 41 Official Theme Song

Official Song of WrestleMania 41

Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ is the OFFICIAL theme song of WrestleMania 41. THE WEEKND ERA IS OVER!

Music and wrestling come together in a big way. Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ is now the official theme for WrestleMania 41. This is more than just music. It’s a big moment that adds new energy to the event. Travis Scott’s song is here to make WrestleMania even more exciting.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Fein’ by Travis Scott is officially the Official Song of Wrestlemania 41 for WrestleMania 41, bringing a new vibe to this year’s event.
  • The selection of Travis Scott’s official song signifies a shift in the musical landscape of WrestleMania’s grandeur.
  • WrestleMania 41’s choice of ‘Fein’ reflects a broader cultural embrace and promises an unforgettable experience?
  • This marks an end to The Weeknd’s era of acclaimed anthems, ushering in Travis Scott.
  • Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ is now intertwined with WrestleMania’s legacy, ensuring a rhythm-packed spectacle for fans around the world.

Raising the Bar: Travis Scott Takes Over as WrestleMania Goes Hip-Hop

WrestleMania’s amazing saga goes on with a big musical change. The news of Travis Scott’s rise to the top with ‘Fein’ as the official song of WrestleMania 41 is huge. It’s a mix of wrestling and hip-hop we all need to talk about.

Travis Scott’s Rise to WrestleMania Fame

Travis Scott is making history in wrestling entertainment. Chosen to be the WrestleMania 41 theme song, ‘Fein’ puts him among music’s big names. Known for his energy, Scott’s ‘Fein’ will make WrestleMania even more exciting in Sin City!

‘Fein’s’ Impact on Wrestling Culture

As the official song of WrestleMania 41, ‘Fein’ changes wrestling culture. It mixes WWE with hip-hop, bringing a new vibe. This shift is huge and touches fans everywhere.

Comparing Past WrestleMania Theme Songs

Looking back at past WrestleMania theme songs is interesting. Before, songs by The Weeknd added drama. ‘Fein’ changes things with its bold beats. It starts a new chapter for wrestling music, but who else has there been?

Here’s a list of former WrestleMania Official Theme Songs

  1. “Easy Lover” by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins – WrestleMania 2
  2. “Land of 1000 Dances” by The Commodores – WrestleMania III
  3. “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers – WrestleMania VII
  4. “Rip It Up” by Little Richard – WrestleMania X
  5. “Whatta Man” by Salt-n-Pepa – WrestleMania XI
  6. “Hollywood” by Gerard McMahon – WrestleMania 21
  7. “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel – WrestleMania 22
  8. “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva – WrestleMania 23
  9. “Snow (Hey Oh)” by Red Hot Chili Peppers – WrestleMania 24
  10. “So Hott” by Kid Rock – WrestleMania 25
  11. “I Made It (Cash Money Heroes)” by Kevin Rudolf featuring Birdman, Jay Sean, and Lil Wayne – WrestleMania 26
  12. “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC – WrestleMania 27
  13. “Written in the Stars” by Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner – WrestleMania 28
  14. “The Memory Will Never Die” by Default – WrestleMania 29
  15. “Legacy” by Eminem – WrestleMania 30
  16. “We Own It (Fast & Furious)” by 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa – WrestleMania 31
  17. “Rise” by David Guetta featuring Skylar Grey – WrestleMania 32
  18. “My House” by Flo Rida – WrestleMania 33
  19. “Like a Champion” by Danger Twins – WrestleMania 34
  20. “New Orleans” by Kid Rock – WrestleMania 34
  21. “Work Hard” by Migos – WrestleMania 35
  22. “Let the Good Times Roll” by Freddie King – WrestleMania 36
  23. “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd – WrestleMania 37
  24. “Hyperspace” by Blue Man Group – WrestleMania 37
  25. “To Be Loved” by Papa Roach – WrestleMania 37
  26. “Sacrifice” by The Weeknd, “I Feel Good” by Pitbull, Anthony Watts, and DJWS, and “All Nightmare Long” by Metallica
  27. Less Than Zero” by The Weeknd
  28. WWE WrestleMania 40 (XL) OFFICIAL Theme Song: ‘Gasoline’ by The Weeknd
  29. ‘Fein’ by Travis Scott


‘Fein’ by Travis Scott connects his music with wrestling’s thrill. It’s becoming an wrestling anthem we won’t forget. This big step shows hip-hop’s role today, and celebrates Travis Scott. WrestleMania 41 is ready to make history with its theme song.

Official song of WrestleMania 41

Both hip-hop and wrestling fans are excited. We are buzzing about a music collaboration. Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ is now the official theme song of WrestleMania 41. It’s a big moment for the event. Scott’s music and WWE’s big show blend new sounds with classic fun.

WrestleMania 41 is more than just wrestling. It’s a big deal that draws strong feelings. Travis Scott’s song adds a fresh touch. It makes the event feel new and important. ‘Fein’ has become a key part of the most awaited wrestling night.

Music has changed sports shows before. But Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ as the official theme song changes WrestleMania 41 big time.

  • ‘Fein’ shows WWE loves different music styles.
  • It shows how big Travis Scott is worldwide.
  • A theme song like this makes WrestleMania better.

WrestleMania is starting a new music chapter. Official theme songs make memories. ‘Fein’ by Travis Scott will be a new famous soundtrack.


WrestleMania 41 and the road to WrestleMania has begun, and Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ has made a big splash. It’s the official theme song and has changed the game. Fans and wrestlers alike love the vibe ‘Fein’ brings to the event.

It’s more than just music; it’s a modern symbol for WrestleMania. ‘Fein’ will become a key part of this event’s soul. It’ll be remembered for years.

‘Fein’ is making next year’s WrestleMania extra special. Everyone’s excited, especially about possibly seeing Rob Van Dam on April 20th (4/20). Music and wrestling are coming together in an epic way!

This mix creates memorable moments for all who watch. WrestleMania 41 is set to be legendary.

Day Two of WrestleMania (4/20) could be amazing, especially on April 20th. If Rob Van Dam shows up, it’ll match the bold energy of ‘Fein’ perfectly. Travis Scott’s music and WrestleMania are a powerful pair.

We’re all waiting for an unforgettable show, tied together by ‘Fein’. This song truly is the new heartbeat of WrestleMania 41.


What is the official theme song for WrestleMania 41?

‘Fein’ by Travis Scott is the official song for WrestleMania 41.

Has The Weeknd previously provided theme songs for WrestleMania?

Yes, The Weeknd did it before. But now, it’s Travis Scott’s time to shine at the event.

How does ‘Fein’ by Travis Scott reflect the spirit of WrestleMania?

‘Fein’ is full of excitement and energy. It matches WrestleMania’s thrilling vibe perfectly.

What does Travis Scott’s involvement mean for the future of WrestleMania anthems?

Travis Scott’s song marks a new musical path for WrestleMania. We can expect more modern and varied songs in the future.

Will Travis Scott perform live at WrestleMania 41?

There’s no word yet on whether Travis Scott will perform live there.

How has the wrestling community reacted to ‘Fein’ by Travis Scott?

Wrestling fans are excited. Travis Scott’s ‘Fein’ as the official song of WrestleMania 41 adds fresh hip-hop vibes to WWE, reaching more fans.

What makes ‘Fein’ different from previous WrestleMania theme songs?

‘Fein’ brings Travis Scott’s distinct hip-hop beat. It’s a fresh sound compared to The Weeknd’s melodies.

Is there any significance to the date of WrestleMania 41’s second day?

Yes, Day Two of WrestleMania 41 falls on April 20th. It hints at a fun connection with Rob Van Dam (RVD)…

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WrestleMania 41 Official Theme Song