Spike Trivet

Spike Trivet v Kid Lykos – Battle of Identity

The Intense Battle for the PROGRESS Championship Title. Spike Trivet v Kid Lykos

A Clash of Titans

There is no denying the intensity and raw emotions that were on display in the recent wrestling match between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos. The stakes were high, and both competitors were determined to claim the ultimate prize – the PROGRESS championship title.

A Mask Tells a Story

In the world of wrestling, masks hold a significant meaning. They become a part of the wrestler’s identity, representing their strength, legacy, and persona. Kid Lykos without a mask? Surely, not?

A Second Shot at Redemption

Lykos Gym challenged The Smoking Aces to a street fight, with the winner earning a second chance at the championship title against Spike Trivet. The tension was palpable as the competitors prepared for the ultimate showdown.

Friendship as the Ultimate Strength?

In the world of wrestling, friendships often play a crucial role. Spike made it clear that the Smokin’ Aces and Bullit’s support would propel him towards victory. With Dominatus Regnum by his side, he was ready to take on any challenge that came his way from Kid Lykos.

A Battle of Stipulations

The stakes were raised even higher when both competitors agreed to have stipulations attached to the match. If Spike won, he would claim the championship title and the mask of Kid Lykos.

A Legacy at Stake?

For Spike Trivet, Lykos mask represented more than just a piece of attire. It was a symbol of identity, his legacy and the horror he brought to the wrestling world.

A Determined Champion

After a brutal war with Cara Noir, Kid Lykos identity was also on the line as Spike’s reign of terror over PROGRESS Wrestling continued.

A Battle for Identity

The clash between Spike Trivet and Kid Lykos was not just about the championship title. It was a battle for identity and self-discovery. Both wrestlers were willing to risk everything they had built to prove their worth and establish their dominance in the wrestling world.

The Final Showdown

The Electric ballroom was the battleground, and both competitors were prepared to give their all. The audience could feel the tension in the air as the wrestlers made their way to the ring.

A Masked Warrior

Kid Lykos entered the ballroom wearing his longest tenured mask, ready to showcase his skills and determination. He was a force to be reckoned with, and he had no intention of letting go of his mask, he wanted the PROGRESS Wrestling championship title, but in his way was Spike Trivet with his own new Vulture mask.

A Champion’s Victory

As the battle raged on, each move and countermove intensified the struggle between Spike and Kid Lykos. In the end, Spike emerged as the victor, proving that his determination and unwavering spirit had paid off. The vulture had picked the bones of Lykos Gym to leave Kid Lykos revealing his face without the mask, once again taking another identity.

A Legacy Continues

With the PROGRESS championship title firmly in his grasp, Spike is cementing his position as a legendary PROGRESS wrestler. Lykos mask will forever sit alongside the masks of other wrestling greats, but now it resides on the Vulture’s Christmas tree as a symbol of another identity taken. When and who can end the reign of Spike Trivet?

Spike Trivet v Kid Lykos – Battle of Identity