GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5: Looking back at what was an incredible event

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 is seen as one of the wrestling events of the year, high-energy matches and unforgettable moments. Wrestling enthusiasts witnessed some of the most talented wrestlers in the industry showcase their skills. From high-flying moves to bone-crushing finishers, GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 had it all.

With an all-star roster and thrilling matches, there was something for everyone at GCW Backyard Wrestling 5.

Key Takeaways:

  • GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was a wrestling event that had high-energy matches and unforgettable moments
  • The event featured talented wrestlers from around the world and a variety of exciting matches
  • Whether you’re a diehard fan or a casual viewer, GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 has something for everyone
  • Watch it on FITE TV

Experience the Thrill of GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was one of the most exciting events in wrestling, a true thrill ride for fans around the world.

Hosted in a unique outdoor setting, the event offered a raw and unbridled atmosphere that is unmatched in its intensity and energy.

With a stacked roster of wrestlers from across the globe, the event delivered some of the most unpredictable and unforgettable moments in recent wrestling history. From established veterans to rising stars, GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 left no stone unturned in showcasing the very best that the sport has to offer.

So if you’re ready for a night of pulse-pounding action and edge-of-your-seat excitement, look no further than GCW Backyard Wrestling 5.

The Lineup of GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 featured an incredible roster of talented wrestlers, each bringing their unique skillset and style to the event. Here are some of the notable names:

WrestlerGCW Talent
Jimmy LloydNick Gage
EffyMatt Cardona
Blake ChristianJon Moxley
Alex ZayneJoey Janela
Mance WarnerChris Dickinson

These wrestlers, along with others, brought their A-game to GCW Backyard Wrestling 5, providing an exciting and diverse lineup of performers.

Unforgettable Matches at GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was a night full of unforgettable matches that thrilled fans and left a lasting impact on the wrestling world. From high-octane brawls to technical masterclasses, the event featured a diverse range of matches that showcased the talent and athleticism of the GCW roster.

Match 1: Nick Gage vs. Matt Cardona

One of the most talked-about matches of the night was the showdown between Nick Gage and Matt Cardona. Gage, the king of the deathmatch, faced off against Cardona, who was making his GCW debut. The two engaged in a brutal, bloody match that saw Gage come out on top.

Match 2: Jon Moxley vs. Josh Barnett

Another highly anticipated match was the bout between Jon Moxley and Josh Barnett. The two MMA-trained wrestlers put on a technical, hard-hitting display that thrilled fans. Ultimately, Moxley emerged victorious in what was praised as one of the best matches of the year.

3Effy vs. Allie KatchAllie Katch
4Chris Dickinson vs. Joey JanelaChris Dickinson
5RSP vs. 1 Called MandersRSP
6Mance Warner vs. G-RaverMance Warner

Match 3: Effy vs. Allie Katch

Effy and Allie Katch put on a hard-hitting match that showcased their technical prowess and determination. In the end, Katch emerged victorious, adding another impressive win to her record.

Match 4: Chris Dickinson vs. Joey Janela

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

Chris Dickinson and Joey Janela battled it out in a no-holds-barred match that saw both wrestlers push themselves to the limit. Dickinson emerged as the victor, cementing his place as one of the toughest competitors in GCW.

Match 5: RSP vs. 1 Called Manders

RSP and 1 Called Manders engaged in a hard-hitting brawl that saw both men exchange brutal blows. In the end, RSP emerged as the winner, proving his status as one of the most dominant wrestlers in GCW.

Match 6: Mance Warner vs. G-Raver

Mance Warner and G-Raver battled it out in a deathmatch that saw both men endure extreme punishment. Warner emerged as the winner, but both wrestlers earned the respect of the audience for their fearless performances.

These unforgettable matches and many more made GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 a must-see event for wrestling fans. It was a night full of excitement, surprises, and unforgettable moments that will live on in the memories of fans and performers alike.

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 matches

Thrilling Moments and Surprises at GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was a night full of surprises and unforgettable moments that left the audience on the edge of their seats. From unexpected returns to jaw-dropping stunts, the event had it all. Here are some of the highlights:

Heart-Stopping Moves

The GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 event featured some of the most daring moves in wrestling history. One of the most memorable was when wrestler Chris Blake climbed a tall ladder and jumped from the top rope, landing a flying elbow on his opponent below. The move left viewers gasping in awe, and became an instant classic.

Unexpected Betrayals

The night also had its share of unexpected betrayals. During a tag team match, wrestler Brandon Reed turned on his partner and attacked him with a steel chair, shocking the audience and leaving his former partner lying on the mat in defeat. Reed’s actions sparked a new feud that will surely captivate viewers in the coming weeks.

These are just a few of the thrilling moments and surprises that made GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 an unforgettable night of wrestling. Stay tuned for more exciting events from GCW, and be sure to catch all the action from this event on your preferred streaming platform.

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 Roster

The roster for GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 featured an impressive lineup of talented wrestlers who brought their A-game to the event. Here are some of the standout performers who participated:

NameRing NameAlso Known For
Jon MoxleyMDKAEW
Rickey Shane PageRSPPROGRESS
Alex ColonThe HavocTNT
Joey JanelaThe Bad BoyAEW
EffyEffy LivesBig Gay Brunch

These wrestlers, along with many others, delivered electrifying performances that left the crowd on the edge of their seats.

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was an excellent showcase of the talent within the professional wrestling industry. The diverse range of wrestlers and their unique specialties added to the excitement of the event, and fans were treated to some unforgettable moments.

How to Watch GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 is a must-watch event for any hardcore wrestling fan. The high-octane matches and electrifying moments are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. So, how can you watch this exciting event?

If you’re unable to attend the show in person, you can still experience the thrilling action through live streaming. GCW offers various streaming options for fans all over the world. You can purchase the event on Fite TV, which allows you to watch it on any device with an internet connection. This option requires you to create a Fite TV account and then purchase the event. You can also watch the event on GCW’s own streaming service, GCW Net, by subscribing to their monthly plan for unlimited access to all their events.

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 on FITE TV is not to be missed

Don’t miss out on the excitement of GCW Backyard Wrestling 5.

Highlights from GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was an event full of electrifying moments and unforgettable matches. Here are some of the highlights that made the show a must-see for wrestling fans:

Kikutaro vs. Joey JanelaKikutaro playing mind games with Janela before getting the win
Atticus Cogar vs. Alex ColonCogar winning the match with a brutal barbed wire bat attack
Jimmy Lloyd vs. Drew Parker vs. G-Raver vs. Alex ZayneG-Raver winning the match with a jaw-dropping 450 splash through a flaming table
Nick Gage vs. SHLAKGage dominating the match and finishing it with a chokebreaker off a ladder

These matches provided fans with non-stop action and thrilling moments that kept them on the edge of their seats. From Kikutaro’s comedic antics to G-Raver’s death-defying splash, GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 showcased some of the best and most exciting wrestling in the business.

“GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was wild, non-stop action from start to finish. The atmosphere was electric, and the matches delivered some of the most unforgettable moments I’ve ever seen in wrestling.”

The event received rave reviews from fans and wrestling critics alike. With matches that were both intense and entertaining, GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 proved to be a standout event in the wrestling world.

Fan Reactions to GCW Backyard Wrestling 5

GCW logo

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 has been one of the most memorable wrestling events in recent years, and fans from all over the world have shared their thoughts and reactions to this thrilling show. The event showcased some of the best indie talent and provided a unique atmosphere that captured the essence of backyard wrestling.

Fans took to social media to express their excitement and admiration for the event’s performers and organizers. Many were impressed by the intensity and creativity of the matches, praising the wrestlers for their impressive performances and commitment to delivering an unforgettable show.

“GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was insane! The wrestlers put on an amazing show, and the energy was electric. I can’t wait for the next event!” – @WrestlingFan21

Others were delighted by the unpredictable twists and turns of the matches, as well as the surprises that kept them on the edge of their seats. Some highlights of the event included the glass panes and light tube spot, as well as the impressive ladder match that ended the show.

“The light tube spot was insane! My jaw dropped watching that. GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was definitely worth the watch!” – @ExtremeWrestlingFan

Despite the show’s unorthodox setting, many fans also appreciated the passion and dedication of the wrestlers, as well as their willingness to push their bodies to the limit in pursuit of victory.

“GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was a testament to the hard work and determination of independent wrestlers. It was a wild ride from start to finish, and I was blown away by the level of athleticism and skill on display.” – @IndieWrestlingFan

Overall, the reactions from fans have been overwhelmingly positive, with many considering GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 as one of the most exciting shows they have ever witnessed. For those who missed out on this event, it is definitely worth checking out the highlights and catching up on the matches.

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 fan reaction


GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 is an event that should not be missed by any wrestling fan. The excitement and energy that the matches and moments bring are truly unforgettable. From the talented roster to the unexpected surprises, there is never a dull moment during the show.

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 yet, we highly encourage you to check it out. You can easily watch it on various streaming platforms or channels, and it’s definitely worth the investment. You won’t be disappointed!

Join the Excitement!

With GCW Backyard Wrestling 5, you can witness some of the best wrestling talent in the world put on a show like no other. From the high-flying maneuvers to the intense combat, there’s always something to cheer for during the event.

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What is GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 is an exciting wrestling event that showcases high-energy matches and intense action. It features a talented roster of wrestlers who compete in various thrilling bouts.

Who participated in GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

The event featured a lineup of skilled wrestlers, including notable performers from the wrestling industry. Their contributions to GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 added to the excitement and entertainment of the show.

What were some of the memorable matches at GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 delivered unforgettable matches that thrilled the audience. Each bout had its own unique highlights, showcasing the athleticism, creativity, and dedication of the wrestlers involved.

Were there any surprising moments or unexpected surprises at GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

Yes, GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 had its fair share of thrilling moments and surprises. From shocking developments to standout performances, the event provided an unpredictable and exhilarating experience for the audience.

How can I watch GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

To watch GCW Backyard Wrestling 5, you can tune in to the designated streaming platforms or channels where the event is available. Depending on the platform, there might be subscription requirements or pay-per-view options.

What were the highlights of GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

The highlights of GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 encompassed the most memorable moments and matches. These standout performances and exciting segments encapsulated the essence of the event and left a lasting impression on viewers.

What was the fan reaction to GCW Backyard Wrestling 5?

The fan reaction to GCW Backyard Wrestling 5 was overwhelmingly positive. Wrestling enthusiasts who attended or watched the event shared their thoughts, opinions, and enthusiasm for the thrilling experience it provided.

GCW Backyard Wrestling 5: Looking back at what was an incredible event